The Centre for Science and Education "Ecology of Power Engineering" is a structural department of the Institute of Thermal and Nuclear Power Engineering of the National Research University "Moscow Power Engineering Institute" (MPEI). For more than 20 years, the Centre has been providing the services in the field of additional professional education of personnel working at the power enterprises.

Main educational activities of the Centre:

  • improvement of professional skills of engineers under different programs of additional education in the field of power engineering;
  • professional retraining of engineers under the programs: "Thermal Power Plants", “Electric Stations", "Electric Power Networks and Systems".

The categories of listeners:

  • engineers and technicians of companies dealling with operation, design, adjustment and optimization of power equipment work;
  • civil servants;
  • students of the MPEI and other high schools interested in getting a vocational education;
  • dug-outs interested in getting the second (civil) profession;
  • unemployed interested in qualification change, etc.

Studies have been conducted by the leading experts in power engineering. The Centre has been working on the continuous plan of training and professional retraining of power engineering specialists.

In the Center a list of training and retraining programs has been permanently enlarged. Other training programs can be developed if needed.